Supporting LGBTIQ+ causes

All around the world communities, individuals, organisations and projects are fighting for LGBTIQ+ equality and equity. These fights range from employment protection and adoption rights to  marriage equality and decriminalisation. 

Underpinning each of these is the ability for LGBTIQ+ communities to lead lives that are fair, sustainable, and well. 123+ provides bespoke strategy and consulting to organisations, teams, governments, and individuals working towards this future. 

We support and bolster their efforts through our expertise in behaviour change, impact measurement, organisational capacity, public engagement, fundraising, visibility, legislative change, and a range of other areas. 

We understand that funding and resourcing within the LGBTIQ+ is often extremely limited, which is why 123+ works with a number of organisations each year pro-bono. 123+ isn’t about telling organisations what to do, but being a passenger with those fighting against LGBTIQ+ inequality and helping them further refine their own unique approach within their particular context. 

There are many contributing and motivating factors behind 123+ and why we provide pro-bono strategy. However, however, the most pressing factor is the poor mental health of the LGBTIQ+ community around the world which experiences:

· 3x higher rates of poor mental health
· 10x higher rates of suicide and suicide attempts
· 1 in 2 experience physical violence

Discriminatory policies and other factors that stigmatise LGBTIQ+ people engender feelings of rejection, shame, and low self-esteem, which can negatively affect people's mental health. People living in countries that ban same-sex marriage are more likely to report symptoms of depression, anxiety, and alcohol use disorder.

We recognise that mental wellbeing, however, is complex and is impacted by myriad factors. That is why we work with organisations working across a spectrum of LGBTIQ+ issues. This includes access to services, decriminalisation, health, participation and representation, which all impact mental wellbeing in some way.

Therefore we welcome applications from almost anyone or any organisations working on LGBTIQ+ issues.

Our approach

We're currently working with GiveOUT—a charity growing the pot of gold under the rainbow and changing the way Australians experience gender and sexuality.

123+ doesn’t believe in rigid frameworks or rules as each project and partner we work with requires a nuanced, bespoke approach. However, most engagements move through the following key phases:

1 · Application

Organisations, projects, and individuals around the world can apply online.

NB: At this stage 123+ is only able to engage in English.

2 · Engagement

123+ selects who to work with based on, capacity, best fit of purpose, outcomes, and needs.

 We typically work with one project at a time. Scope and deliverables are refined.

2 weeks

3 · Analysis

123+ commences a bespoke, deep-dive analysis.

This includes desktop research, literature review, interviews, surveys, and any other useful approaches.

3–6 weeks

4 · Strategy

123+ provides a comprehensive set of recommendations and strategy for the project to utilise.

This includes mapping of impact metrics and behaviour change strategy.

3–6 weeks

5 · Ongoing support

123+ continues to work with the project to assist in the implementation of the recommendations and strategy as needed.

This may be in the form of collaboration, mentoring, feedback, or myriad other ways.

As required

Who we are

123+ recognises the power of harnessing collective knowledge and insights. While countries around the world are all at different stages of realising rights for LGBTIQ+ peoples, we have a lot to learn from each other’s wins and continued work towards progress. For this reason, 123+ aims to be an open-source repository of knowledge with key insights, findings, and recommendations uncovered from our collaborations made public through Creative Commons licensing. We are more powerful when we fight together.

Additionally, we understand that organisations and projects are experts of their own context. 123+ simply brings our expertise in strategy, social impact, and behaviour change as an additional tool for organisations to utilise and harness.

123+ is powered by spur: and spur:org.

spur: creates strategies that move people to action.

We're a strategy, design, and venture studio focused on positively affecting human actions—and measuring the outcome. We work with organisations and communities to create a world that is fair, sustainable, and well across topics such mental health, climate change, biodiversity, extremism, accessibility, equal rights, fake news, LGBTIQ+ right, gender gap, future meat, plastic, refugee health, overconsumption, corruption, foster care, and water—to name just a few.

Our work is part science and analysis, part art and design, but at the core of our work is tangible, measurable outcomes. We have no interest in vanity metrics or projects that are designed to “tick a box”. Our work must demonstrably create outcomes.

We don’t just deeply understand the reality of mental health and LGBTIQ+ rights, but more importantly what it takes to move people to action—a far more challenging task. 

spur:org is the multi-award-winning, charitable arm of spur: where we design mental health projects and campaigns to change the world.

800,000 people suicide globally each year. Our campaigns aim to reduce this number by making it an easier option for people to take positive action than to suicide.

spur:org is responsible for ground-breaking and record shattering projects such as #OLDMATE, Soften the Fck Up, and How is the World Feeling?

spur:org is a DGR-1 status charity registered with the ACNC, with spur: donating 5% of all revenue and 20% of employee time.

The core team

Lee Crockford

Lee Crockford (He / Him)

Lee is a seasoned innovator and strategist, with deep experience working on impact projects around the world—particularly in mental health education, and access.

He is not only passionate about instigating social change, but ensuring that this is change is both profound and measurable.

Lee is a Global Laureate Fellow, D&F Academy Fellow, and Australian representative to the G20 Youth Entrepreneurship Alliance.

Olivia Roney

Olivia Roney (She / Her)

Olivia is passionate about social enterprise and disruptive approaches to social change. With international experience, she is invested in maximising the impact of agency-driven projects.

Olivia also has particular interest in increasing access to quality education for young people from refugee and asylum seeker backgrounds with her own social enterprise The Unknown Project.

Sean Tran

Sean Tran (He / Him)

Sean has a passion for driving social change through innovation.

Sean is Project Associate for the 123+ project, which allows him to combine his interests in social innovation, LGBTIQ+ rights advocacy and legal reform. 

Sean is also President of the UQ Law Society and has worked at a number of legal, community and social organisations including as the State Director of IMPACT Social Enterprise.

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