123+ supports and amplifies the work of those fighting for LGBTIQ+ rights, freedoms, and wellbeing around the world. We work with projects and initiatives one-on-one to provide bespoke, strategic support. We also gather open-source tools, knowledge, and insights for the global community.

Supporting LGBTIQ+ causes

All around the world communities, individuals, organisations and projects are fighting for LGBTIQ+ equality and equity. These fights range from employment protection and adoption rights to marriage equality and decriminalisation. 

Underpinning each of these is the ability for LGBTIQ+ communities to lead lives that are fair, sustainable, and well. 123+ provides bespoke strategy and consulting to organisations, teams, governments, and individuals working towards this future. 

We support and bolster their efforts through our expertise in behaviour change, impact measurement, organisational capacity, public engagement, fundraising, visibility, legislative change, and a range of other areas. 

We understand that funding and resourcing within the LGBTIQ+ space is often extremely limited, which is why 123+ works with a number of organisations each year pro-bono (or low-bono). 123+ isn’t about telling organisations what to do, but being a passenger with those fighting against LGBTIQ+ inequity and helping them further refine their own unique approach within their particular context. 

We welcome applications from almost anyone or any organisations working on LGBTIQ+ issues.

Working one-on-one

123+ doesn’t believe in rigid frameworks or rules as each project and partner we work with requires a nuanced, bespoke approach. We're currently working with GiveOUT—a charity growing the pot of gold under the rainbow and changing the way Australians experience gender and sexuality.

Most engagements move through the following key phases: 

1 · Application

Organisations, projects, and individuals around the world can apply online.

NB: At this stage 123+ is only able to engage in English.

2 · Engagement

123+ selects who to work with based on, capacity, best fit of purpose, outcomes, and needs.

 We typically work with one project at a time. Scope and deliverables are refined.

2 weeks

3 · Analysis

123+ commences a bespoke, deep-dive analysis.

This includes desktop research, literature review, interviews, surveys, and any other useful approaches.

3–6 weeks

4 · Strategy

123+ provides a comprehensive set of recommendations and strategy for the project to utilise.

This includes mapping of impact metrics and behaviour change strategy.

3–6 weeks

5 · Ongoing support

123+ continues to work with the project to assist in the implementation of the recommendations and strategy as needed.

This may be in the form of collaboration, mentoring, feedback, or myriad other ways.

As required

Working as a community

123+ recognises the power of harnessing collective knowledge and insights. While countries around the world are all at different stages of realising rights for LGBTIQ+ peoples, we have a lot to learn from each other’s wins and continued work towards progress. For this reason, 123+ aims to be a global hub for open-source tools, resources, knowledge, and insights.

We work with a network of experts around the world to curate and develop  a suite of tools to holistically support . This means tools can range from social media to legal frameworks, or volunteer wellbeing to business strategy.

The hub is constantly evolving and growing as users contribute more and more content.

We are more powerful when we fight together.

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