We help build the capacity of LGBTIQ+ organisations and initiatives around the world.

We bring together a global network of experts to both create curated tools and provide bespoke strategic support—all to help you create a world that is fair, equitable, and safe for LGBTIQ+ people and communities.

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Supporting LGBTIQ+ causes

Using a global network of experts, we help build capacity in two ways:

All around the world communities, individuals, organisations, and projects are fighting for LGBTIQ+ equality and equity.

These efforts range from the very big—like decriminalising homosexuality, to much smaller—like an organisation wanting to improve the workplace experience for LGBTIQ+ employees.

123+ aims to support each of these efforts by providing strategic capacity building across six key domains:

Bespoke strategic support

Through our global partners network, we work directly with you, your initiative, or your organisation to develop a strategy across any of the above capacity areas.

We're in the process of building out the network to ensure that not only do we have global experts, but experts in every corner of the globe to ensure you can work with people who understand the unique considerations of your part of the world.

Depending on the size and revenue of your initiative we provide either commercial, discounted, or pro bono strategic support.

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Curated Tools

Even with a global network of partners we know we'll never be able to work directly with every organisation or initiative around the world.

Therefore, we're compiling (what will be) a huge database of tools, knowledge, and resources developed by global experts for you to use. Each tool is simply explained and includes worksheets—so you can get started right away!

Oh, our tools and resources are always free and open-source.

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The capacities

Any initiative or organisation requires a range of skills and resources if it wants to be effective. Below are the six core themes (and example capacities) 123+ focuses on and our global partner network can help you navigate the areas you need most support in:



  • Impact strategy
  • Impact measurement
  • Designing outcomes
  • Co-design strategy
  • Visioning
  • Design thinking and innovation methodologies

Business and financials

  • Business model
  • Financial strategy
  • Funding and philanthropy models
  • Revenue and business development
  • Governance and reporting
  • Exit strategy

User and ecosystem

  • Needs analysis
  • Stakeholder engagement
  • Coalition and network building
  • Customer journey mapping
  • Conflict resolution
  • Behaviour change strategy

Technology and logistics

  • Systems
  • Platforms
  • Efficiency
  • Processes

Branding and communications

  • Audience analysis
  • Marketing strategy
  • Brand strategy
  • Identity
  • Messaging
  • Storytelling

People and culture

  • Wellbeing
  • Experience lifecycle
  • Leadership strategy
  • Values and alignment
  • Skilling and training
  • Diversity

Working as a community

123+ recognises the power of harnessing collective knowledge and insights. While countries around the world are all at different stages of realising rights for LGBTIQ+ peoples, we have a lot to learn from each other’s wins and continued work towards progress. For this reason, 123+ aims to be a global hub for open-source tools, resources, knowledge, and insights.

We work with a network of experts around the world to curate and develop  a suite of tools to holistically support . This means tools can range from social media to legal frameworks, or volunteer wellbeing to business strategy.

The hub is constantly evolving and growing as users contribute more and more content.

We are more powerful when we fight together.

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