A world that is fair, sustainable, and well isn't just possible—it's a priority.

Our focus

We are a strategy and design company focused on creating effective solutions and measurable outcomes for people, communities, and planet.

We work with non-profits, corporates, and governments around the world, as well as producing our own solutions through sister charity spur:org.

We move the world forward with empathy and insight across the domains of access, health, education, environment, and equity.

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What we're up to

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Setting out with our old friends, MATES in Construction, on two strategy projects to help bring important life saving work to more workplaces across Australia.

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We celebrated 11 years of spur:, and the launch of Sticks & Stones at GOMA

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Welcoming Susie and Viv to the spur: team!

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Welcoming Feda Adra as our new Head of Partnerships for spur:org!

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Welcoming Ravi Bodanam to the team as 123+'s coalition builder.

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Receiving US$1M over three years from Google.org to develop a project to reduce harmful speech in digital spaces.

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One of our Directors, Lee Crockford, being accepted into the Victorian LGBTIQ+ Leadership program for 2022.

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Moving in Sydney with an office based in Glebe

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Rational Games joining the 123+ family as a partner network organisation

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Celebrating our Good Design Award 2021 win for Dovetail in the Social Impact Category.

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