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My spur: story

I met the extraordinary Lee and Ehon in Melbourne when we were all involved with the Foundation for Young Australians. They were phenomenal young social entrepreneurs with a passion for addressing mental health and wellbeing here & globally. spur: brought together a number of people in this space around a bold and ambitious tech initiative to gain broad and diverse insights on how different population groups are supported in addressing mental health.

This recipe

Turmeric is well known to be a powerful anti-inflammatory and antioxidant. I take turmeric as a supplement everyday, however eating it in this simple recipe is absolutely delicious 😋


· Pasta of your choice

· Pine nuts, toasted

· Parsley

· Parmesan

David Bouley’s turmeric oil recipe- mix these ingredients:

· 1 cup powdered turmeric

· 10 Tbsp avocado oil

· 10 Tbsp grape seed oil

· 10 Tbsp olive oil


1 · Boil some good pasta

2 · Add a tablespoon of the turmeric oil

3 · Add toasted pine nuts, flat parsley leaves and fresh grated parmesan.

Jan Owen

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Jan Owen


Jan is an entrepreneur, social innovator, author & podcast host. She is passionate about education, the future of work, health & wellbeing.

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David Bouley

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