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Ehon asked me to help out with an idea he had, I thought it was a great one and wanted in. I helped with some initial branding, website development and part of some early strategy work.

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I am someone who goes through phases with everything in my life, it's so hard to stay focused on anything. Hobbies, tv, music, art, friend groups, opinions, fashion you name it. This breakfast, has been my solid gold hit every morning for over 3 years now. It shocks me that this is such a random constant in my life. Don't get me wrong, I LOVE FOOD, love experiencing new food or cooking new recipes, but having this sorted every morning gives me structure. I wake up often at 5:30 / 6am and just when the house is quiet, I'm often just painting something while watching something on youtube & eating this. It's a version of home and a tiny ritual.


All measurements are based on level of awakeness or hunger

·1/2 cup of quick oats

· 1/2 cup of oat milk

· Honey

· Dark roasted peanut butter

· Cinnamon


In a dedicated breakfast cup from Daiso (not important, but I find having special bowls for meals makes it feel special),

1 · pour in half a cup of oats, then cover that in honey then flood it till it's all covered in oat-milk.

2 · It's important to cover the oat/honey stack because the air in the oats causes a bubble to form in the honey as the oat-milk saturates it. It's amusing and it's part of the joy.

3 · Microwave that for one and a half minutes on high. The honey will have slightly vanished and you'll be confused, but this soft smell of heated honey comes into your life for a small moment and it's bliss.

4 · Then take the biggest spoon you can find and get a spoon of peanut butter, while fresh out of the microwave plunge the spoon into the mixture to allow the peanut butter to melt somewhat.

5 · Cover with cinnamon for flavour then mix with vigour in the cup.

Note: I often couple this with a glass of orange juice because you are essentially eating a building material at this point, more then you're eating food and some liquid really does help.

Mark Payne

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Mark Payne


Mark works as a User Experience consultant and in his spare time paints portraits in oils.

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