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My spur: story

spur: came into my life in a most unusual way... Living in Melbourne can be very isolating and transient, so many people, so few connections or community spirit. Lee was my neighbour at the time, and a particular project I was working on needed some external support. Knowing the work Lee was doing led to a collaboration and two-day workshop event.

This recipe

This is my go-to favourite recipe when we entertain. Simple to prepare and always delicious!Something about eating with your hands, getting right into each mouthful - its very humanising. This meal is so moreish!


Makes 10:

· 1 tbsp vegetable oil

· 1 tbsp sesame oil

· 2 cloves crushed garlic

· 2 tbsp grated fresh ginger

· 4 spring onions, green and white parts finely chopped

· 500g minced pork

· 100g water chestnuts drained and finely chopped (substitute with slivered almonds)

· 3 tbsp oyster sauce, plus extra to serve

· 2 tbsp soy sauce

· 3 tbsp Chinese shaohsing rice wine

· 1 tbsp sugar

· 10 butter lettuce leaves washed, trimmed and kept in iced water (substitute cos lettuce leaves)

· black or white sesame seeds, toasted

· chopped chive stems, to garnish


1 · Heat the vegetable and sesame oils in a large frying pan/wok over medium heat

2 · Add the garlic and finely chopped white part of the spring onion and cook for 5 mins stirring frequently so the mixture doesn't catch and burn

3 · Add the minced pork and stir-fry for 3-4 mins.

4 · Stir in the water chestnuts (or slivered almonds), oyster sauce, soy sauce, rice wine and sugar.

5 · Taste and adjust the seasoning if necessary to ensure there is a nice salty-sweet balance.

6 · Simmer for 5 minutes or until the liquid has reduced to a thick and syrupy consistency.

7 · Remove from the heat and stir in the green part of the spring onions.

8 · Drain the lettuce leaves and wipe gently to remove water.

9 · Fill each lettuce cup with the pork mixture, finishing with a dollop of oyster sauce and a sprinkling of sesame seeds, and garnish with chive stems. Enjoy!

Max Johnson

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Max Johnson


Max is a storyteller, artist, mentor and cultural curator. An avid mental health advocate, Max works in many areas of his local community to promote connection and inclusion.

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From Indira Naidoo's cookbook 'The Edible Balcony'

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