Nutrients from a chicken in a small bowl

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Base for a hearty soup

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My mum made this soup for me every day for one whole month after an operation. This soup changed my life as my health improved substantially after that.


· 1x fresh chicken


· Pound chicken with a meat mallet, mortar or empty wine bottle.

· Place chicken in a ceramic soup jar but do not add water.

· Chicken should be prop up using a bowl or mesh to ensure jus will flow into the bottom of the jar without chicken being submerged in it's own jus.

· Place jar in a bigger outer pot half filled with water to boil for 4 hours. Ensure water in outer pot does not dry up during the 4 hours but water level must not be close to the lid of the ceramic jar to prevent water from seeping in.

· 4 hours later..... remove chicken from jar and pour jus into small bowl. A wholesome bowl of jus with nothing added.

Ming Siew

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