Spinach, Pine Nut & Riccotta Baked Chicken, wrapped in prosciutto

Easy dinner party meal

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Neil Pharaoh

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First worked with spur: and their founders when it was just an idea, helping them with some government engagement, and over the years we have now worked together on many projects, and community work!

This recipe

An easy, healthy and fun meal with friends.


· Bag of spinach

· Tub of ricotta

· Bag of pine nuts

· Packet of prosciutto

· Chicken Breasts


1 · Mix spinach, pine nuts and ricotta together.

2 · Slice chicken breast open and into a pouch

3 · Stuffed chicken breast with spinach mix.

4 · Wrapped proscuitto around chicken to hold in the mix

5 · Baked until cooked. Serve!

Neil Pharaoh

Recipe shared by

Neil Pharaoh


Neil is passionate about education, equality and politics, and when not working can be found on a kayak, snowboard, garden or travelling.

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