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Outdoor Friendly

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Physically Stimulating

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Low Cost or Free

Donut and Walk

If you're pressed for time, then a quick donut and walk is a great 'express activity' that is cheap and active.

Of course, you could choose any sort of food, but donuts are a solid option: They're cheap, donut shops are everywhere nowadays, and they're easy to eat whilst walking.

The walk is designed to keep you and your Old Mate both active, to feel less 'formal' than a coffee catchup, and the changing environment around you provides plenty of conversation starters.

This is a great 'filler' activity to do regularly or spur of the moment.


Although donut and walk is designed to be a short activity:

· Check the whether in advance and pack appropriately.

· Ensure you and your Old Mate stay hydrated throughout the walk.

· Make sure you have a back-up transport option forif your Old Mate tires.


· Be sure to take note of anything on your walk that your Old Mate finds interesting like a new restaurant or park. You can always turn it into activity of its own at a future date.

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