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Outdoor Friendly

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Physically Stimulating

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COVID Adaptable


There's something extremely cathartic about digging your hands into soil, plus there are a whole range of mental and physical benefits to it, too!

Depending on where you and your Old Mate live, this activity could manifest in various ways. If your Old Mate has a garden of their own, then that's going to be your easiest option. Simply offering to give them a hand with basic upkeep is a cheap and easy entry point.

If you and your Old Mate enjoy gardening and are looking to take it up a notch, then you can start to look into planting and maintaining flowers, vegetables and more.

If neither of you have access to your own garden, then you might want to see if there's a 'community veggie patch' near you. These are communal gardens where you help contribute to the growing of herbs and veges, with everyone partaking in the yield.


Be aware that gardening can be very physical. There is a lot of bending, kneeling, and working with the hands. If your Old Mate has any mobility or arthritis issues, this may not be an ideal activity. Check with your Old Mate's GP first.


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