Combat loneliness. Together.

Social isolation and loneliness are major contributing factors to poor mental health, but we can change this.

Join thousands of other people around the world who have signed the online pledge below to spend at least an extra hour per month with an Old Mate in their life. If you don't have an Old Mate, then we can try to connect you with aged care providers.

Once you've signed the pledged, we have almost 70 fun and engaging activities for you and your Old Mate to do together—no matter where you live, your Old Mate's capacity, or your budget.

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I hereby pledge to spend at least one hour per month with an Old Mate for the next 12 months.

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Meet Ernie.

Ernie is a spry, young at heart, engaging Old Mate. However, due to some physical limitations has challenges leaving the house to maintain social connectivity to friends, family, and neighbours.

#OLDMATE is designed to help people like Ernie maintain purpose, friendships, and wellbeing.

Spending at least one hour a month with an Old Mate can improve their self esteem, skills, and connectivity, whilst reducing isolation and other factors that lead to poor mental health and suicide.

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What's an 'Old Mate'?

Although #OLDMATE is now an international project, it began in Australia back in 2017. Aussies are famous for lazy slang. Want to have a barbecue? We call that a "barbie". Want to meet in the afternoon? We'll meet you in the "arvo".

The term "Old Mate" can mean lots of different things depending on the context:

1 · A word to describe a good friend. Eg; "Old Mate and I are just going to grab a coffee."
2 · A word to describe a perfect stranger, or someone’s name you don’t know. Eg; "Who's wallet is this? I don't know, maybe Old Mate over there dropped it."
3 · A replacement term for a person's name. Eg; "Who are you going to the movies with? Ah, just Old Mate."

Old Mates like June and Wally above might be all three. They might start as perfect strangers, but will soon be good friends.

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