A global network dedicated to building the capacity of LGBTIQ+ initiatives.

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The LGBTIQ+ gap

98% of initiatives fighting for LGBTIQ+ rights, safety, and wellbeing report not having adequate resources, skills, or knowledge to meet their goals. This impacts their ability to improve the lives of LGBTIQ+ people—whether this is grass roots organisations fighting for equality or large organisations looking to better support their LGBTIQ+ staff.

123+ helps LGBTIQ+ initiatives achieve their goals.

We do this by providing one-on-one support through a global network of experts and by curating a range of free, capacity-building tools.

We're helping to create world that is just, safe, and equitable for LGBTIQ+ communities.

Capacity building

Capacity building can mean a lot of things to a lot of different people. To make it simple, below are the skill areas that 123+ support LGBTIQ+ initiatives with:

Impact and evaluation

Business and financials

User and ecosystem

Technology and logistics

Branding and communications

People and culture

Please note: 123+ does not provide funding. However, we have aggregated a range of LGBTIQ+ funding and opportunities offered by others here.

Recent work

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Evaluating progress towards LGBTIQ+ outcomes

The Victorian government needed to understand how its work impacts LGBTIQ+ communities and how they might measure this.

A strategic approach to LGBTIQ+ outcomes that builds on existing outcomes, data, and community voices.

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Ensuring impact in frontline LGBTIQ+ advocacy and HIV prevention services

APCOM needed to support the changing needs and experiences of people living with HIV/AIDS in Asia Pacific—especially in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic.

spur: created an impact recommendations strategy that combines community voices and intersectionality with organisational resource sustainability.

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How to get involved

Option 1

Get support from 123+

123+ supports organisations, initiatives, and projects fighting for LGBTIQ+ rights, freedoms, and wellbeing around the world.  

We work with everyone from tiny grass-roots initiatives, through to large corporates and governments.

Budget (or lack thereof) is not a barrier—with 123+ offering tiered support from pro-bono support through to traditional fee-for-service. This means we will always find a way to help you build capacity!

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Option 2

Offer support to 123+

123+ is a network global partners, allies, and LGBTIQ+ communities striving for a world that is safe, just, and equitable for LGBTIQ+ people.

Partners provide both pro-bono and paid knowledge and expertise to LGBTIQ+ initiatives in need across a range of capacity areas.

There are many ways to be involved as a partner such as providing knowledge, network, tools, or working one-one-one with initiatives in need.

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The 123+ network of experts






Rational Games






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Bespoke strategic support

Through our global partners network, we work directly with you, your initiative, or your organisation to develop a strategy across any of the above capacity areas.

We're in the process of building out the network to ensure that not only do we have global experts, but experts in every corner of the globe to ensure you can work with people who understand the unique considerations of your part of the world.

Depending on the size and revenue of your initiative we provide either commercial, discounted, or pro bono strategic support.

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Curated Tools

Even with a global network of partners we know we'll never be able to work directly with every organisation or initiative around the world.

Therefore, we're compiling (what will be) a huge database of tools, knowledge, and resources developed by global experts for you to use. Each tool is simply explained and includes worksheets—so you can get started right away!

Oh, our tools and resources are always free and open-source.

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The capacities

Any initiative or organisation requires a range of skills and resources if it wants to be effective. Below are the six core themes (and example capacities) 123+ focuses on and our global partner network can help you navigate the areas you need most support in:




Business and financials


User and ecosystem