Be part of a global network helping to grow the capacity of LGBTIQ+ initiatives

123+ aims to help grow the capacity of LGBTIQ+ initiatives around the world. Below outlines the six capacities areas we focus on most:


Impact and evaluation

  • Impact strategy
  • Impact measurement
  • Visioning
  • Co-design

Business and financials

  • Business model
  • Financial strategy
  • Funding and philanthropy models
  • Governance and legal
  • Exit strategy

User and ecosystem

  • User mapping
  • Stakeholder engagement
  • Research and insights
  • Conflict resolution
  • Behaviour change strategy

Technology and logistics

  • Systems
  • Platforms
  • Efficiency
  • Processes

Branding and communications

  • Stakeholder engagement
  • Marketing strategy
  • Brand and identity
  • Messaging and storytelling

People and culture

  • Wellbeing
  • Staff and volunteer lifecycle
  • Leadership
  • Values
  • Diversity

How to get involved

There are three main ways you can get involved with 123+:


Share your knowledge and expertise in the form of an open-source tool or canvas (examples here). If you need, 123+ will work with you to turn the knowledge in your heed into a useful tool.

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One-on-one support

Work directly with LGBTIQ+ initiatives in either a commercial or pro-bono basis as a formal Partner.

This is much like traditional consultancy model with 123+ matching Partners to initiatives in need.

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Let us know of any resources or opportunities that can be shared with the wider 123+ network. This might be a funding opportunity, research, news, or anything else of use.

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Register to become a Partner

If you're interested in becoming a Partner (i.e. working one-on-one with LGBTIQ+ initiatives), please read through the following (non-binding) Memorandum of Understanding and fill out the registration form below.

If you're just wanting to just provide a tool or resource, please email instead.

Memorandum of understanding

This Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) outlines the ethos, intent, and logistics of how 123+ and Partners work together to build the capacity of initiatives (Clients) working to create a world that is fair, equitable, and safe for LGBTIQ+ people and communities. 

This MoU is not legally binding, rather simply confirms a shared understanding between parties. Formal agreements between Partners, Clients, and 123+ are created for each discrete project as they arise.


123+ helps build capacity of LGBTIQ+ organisations and initiatives around the world across six key areas:

123+ manages the:
· Application process of Clients.
· Scoping of Client projects and needs.
· Pairing of Clients with Partners.
· Supporting both Clients and Partners throughout project delivery.

123+ is an initiative of the Australian-based, DGR-1 status charity, spur:org


Partners are specialists in either one or many capacity areas, and provide one-on-one support to clients on a commercial, low-bono, or pro-bono basis. Partners vary in size and capacity, ranging from freelancers and SMEs to multi-national organisations around the world.

Partners may be private individuals, companies, government entities, or NGOs (or individuals representing these entities). Partners only provide knowledge—not funding or physical resources (e.g. laptops).

123+ aims to create a “mesh” of Partners around the world to ensure LGBITQ+ initiatives can be supported regardless of geography, resource constraints, or needs. Partners should have evidence of their ability to work sensitively with the community. 

Although Partners only have to apply to join the network once, membership is refreshed yearly.


123+ Clients vary greatly—ranging from small, grassroots organisations and underfunded charities, through to large corporates and government entities.

What is important is that clients are working towards a world that is fair, sustainable, and well for LGBTIQ+ people and communities. This means that clients might be part of the LGBTIQ+ community themselves, or allies looking to support the community.


The below values shape we way expect ourselves, our Clients, and our Partners to act and think:

Community-led · Are the correct voices centred?
Holistic and intersectional · Is this aware of context and nuance?
Unwavering respect · Is this TERF, racism, sexism, homophobia, ageism, ableism, and classism-free?
Passion · Is the right motivation driving this?
Outcomes · Does this demonstrably improve lives?
Amplification · Does this build capacity in others?

Projects · Overview

As LGBTIQ+ initiatives are often underfunded and under-resourced, 123+ offers tiered pricing for Clients: Commercial, discounted, and pro-bono rates based on annual turnover. In return, Partners are able to set the amount of support they're willing to offer. Below is example pricing for $25,000 worth of work delivered by a Partner:

Pro-bono clients
Client turnover: <US$150,000
Amount of work delivered by PNO: Work capped at US$10,000
Amount charged to Client: $0
123+ commission: 0%

Discounted clients

Client turnover: US$150,000–US$300,000
Amount of work delivered by PNO: $25,000
Amount charged to Client: $12,500
123+ commission: 0%

Commercial clients
Client turnover: >US$300,000
Amount of work delivered by PNO: $25,000
Amount charged to Client: $25,500
123+ commission: 15% ($3,750)

Project type

Client turnover

'Amount of work' supplied by Partner

Amount charged to Client

123+ commission
















Work capped at US$10,000



Partners agree to undertake at least one pro-bono project per year. In return, 123+ aims to provide commercial and low-bono opportunities to Partners wherever possible. Most one-on-one projects run for approximately 1–3 months, though this entirely context-dependant.

Projects can largely be broken into the following phases: finding, pairing, execution, and closing. The following outlines each party's role throughout each of these phases:

1 · Finding
123+'s role: Manages application process and refines needs
PNO's role: Generally helps promote 123+
Client: Registers request for support via 123+ website

2 · Pairing
123+'s role: Matches PNO to Client and oversees agreement
PNO's role: Registers interest in project and helps refine scope of agreement
Client: Helps refine scope and terms of agreement

3 · Delivery
123+'s role: Supports PNO and Client
PNO's role: Delivers projects as per agreement
Client: Participates in project delivery (where applicable)

4 · Closing
123+'s role: Manages reflective process
PNO's role: Participates in reflective process
Client: Participates in reflective process






Manages application process and refines needs

Matches Partner to Client and oversees agreement

Supports Partner and Client

Manages reflective process



Registers interest in project and helps refine scope of agreement

Delivers projects as per agreement

Participates in reflective process


Registers request for support via 123+ website

Helps refine scope and terms of agreement

Participates in project delivery (where applicable)

Participates in reflective process

The scope of each project is ultimately determined by the Client and Partner with support from 123+.

123+ plays a support role to both Client and Partner throughout the lifecycle of each project. This is not a formal project manager role, but "sage on the side" for guidance, mediation, and support.

Click here for more granular detail on project logistics.

Commercial and discounted projects
Commercial and low-bono projects will always be considered ad hoc by 123+ as opportunities arise.

Below is the typical lifecycle of commercial and low-bono projects:

  • 123+ initially liaises with the potential clients in order to create a draft project summary which outlines the Client, their perceived needs, desired outcomes, anticipated scope, budget capacity, and estimated timeline, etc.

  • The project summary is shared across the Partner network, with Partners nominating themselves for the work.

  • 123+ assesses the responses for best fit and appoints a Partner to the project.

  • A virtual meeting is arranged and facilitated by 123+ for all Parties to refine and agree on project scope and logistics.

  • 123+ draws up a discrete agreement for the project outlining terms and deliverables.

  • Upon signing of the agreement by all Parties, 123+ invoices the Client half of the total project’s cost with 14 day payment terms. NB: Payment terms may vary based on the Client’s specific context (e.g. Government payment policies) and will be reflected in project agreement.

  • The Partner invoices 123+ for the relevant the invoiced amount (e.g. minus 15% for commission) with 14 day payment terms and commences the project in alignment with the agreement.

  • Throughout the project, 123+ supports both the Client and Partner as required.

  • Upon completion of the project and sign-off by the Client, 123+ invoices the Client the remainder of the balance, with Partner invoicing 123+ the outstanding balance.

Pro-bono projects
Although the overall flow and objectives of pro-bono work mirrors commercial and discounted projects, there are some key differences in logistics:

  • Pro bono opportunities are currently assessed ad hoc based on Clients’ needs against Partner alignment and availability. 123+ reserves the right to shift the intake model to ‘rounds’ dependent on future demand (e.g. quarterly).

  • 123+ will directly approach Partners with pro-bono opportunities based on alignment and fit.

  • If a directly approached Partner cannot undertake the work, it will be offered to the wider partner network.

  • No exchange of money takes place between client, Partner, or 123+.

Multi-party projects

  • Multiple Partners supporting a single client or project may be considered if appropriate and agreed by all Parties.

  • Multiple Clients supported by a single Partner may be considered if appropriate and agreed by all Parties (e.g. a workshop for multiple clients with similar needs facilitated at once).

Below is indicative only, with specifics outlined in individual project agreements.

Intellectual property
Below is indicative only, with specifics outlined in individual project agreements.

Good faith
As an initiative designed to help support and empower the global LGBTIQ+ community, the network relies on a range of good faith actions:

If you have any questions, please contact the 123+ team at

Apply to be a Partner

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Impact and evaluation

Business and financials

User and ecosystem

Technology and logistics

Branding and communications

People and culture

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