The world's largest ever, real-time, mental health survey.

In October 2016, more than ten thousand people from 104 countries logged how they were feeling over seven days, creating the largest open-source database of emotions.

The data is free to download by any individual, organisation, or government to create more effective mental health initiatives. With over 800,000 people suiciding around the world each year, more effective mental health initiatives are desperately needed.

How is the World Feeling? has returned as Toucan.



More people suicide globally each year than those who die of breast cancer, violence, or war. Poor mental health is a major social and economic challenge. Isolation is a major contributing factor to poor mental health, and the app provides the ability to see, in real-time, how other people are feeling.

This helps normalise the extremely broad range of emotions that are experienced be people around the world. Users contribute their own data and emotions in a safe space where they test "sharing how they feel".

Personal mental health tool

How is the World Feeling? is an invaluable tool for self-reflection and support - encouraging users to frequently reflect and log their emotions. The app retains a comprehensive history of emotions logged that can be access by the user at any time.

The app also responds in real-time to user's mental health needs with prompts and recommendations when "negative" emotions are consistently being logged. Support services in over 60+ countries are included.

Data generation

Users of the app have logged over 52,000 emotions - creating the largest open-source database of real-time mental health data anywhere in the world. This data is cross-referenced against demographic information, creating an extremely dense source of knowledge.

It is critical to note that no personally-identifiable information is ever shared: This includes removal of all usernames, and truncation of all geographic coordinates.


Below is an interactive visualisation and summary of the data collected throughout How is the World Feeling?. It is an embedded Google Visual Studio dashboard with multiple pages (navigation between pages is at the bottom left of the dashboard). Alternatively, visit the original dashboard.

Meet Toucan

How your team is feeling, while they're feeling it, and how to help.

How is the World Feeling might have ended, but its technology hasn't.

Toucan is a platform where teams of all sizes can understand exactly how their people are feeling at any moment – without ever compromising individual privacy. When your team logs emotions in their Toucan app, the data is aggregated anonymously and shown on a manager’s Toucan Insights dashboard.

Toucan uses your team’s anonymous data to instantly predict, track and support ebbs and flows in wellbeing. This shifts the focus for businesses from collecting information, to improving their team’s wellbeing at work.

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Mental health resource hub

We've compiled one of the the world's largest international repositories of mental health resources from around the world.

It is always recommended you consult your local GP before engaging any mental health service, and if you or someone else is in immediate danger, please call the emergency services in your local area.

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