Creating impact

spur:org is a multi-award-winning, charitable organisation that aims to make it an easier option for people to take positive action than to suicide.

We produce innovative programs and campaigns based on behaviour change and improved access to resources.

Through our commercial arm, spur:, we work with others to create a world that is fair, sustainable, and well.

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Some of the spur:org team.

Project values

Humanity Icon


Humanity is deeply rooted in empathy and storytelling. It grows when nuance and perspective is appreciated. It delicately balances human imperfection with accountability.

Humanness is a prerequisite for each of the other values.

Frankness Icon


Frankess speaks truth to power and holds up a mirror to the world. Frankness isn’t brash—rather it confidently crosses divides to foster conversations that might otherwise go unsaid.

Frankness is an instigator of openness and change—and never takes itself too seriously.

Trust Icon


Trust is created through connection, transparency, safety, and vulnerability. With trust, political divides soften—conversations more understanding.

Trust narrows the gap that frankness seeks to cross.

Impact Icon


The project must demonstrably improve people’s lives through reducing harm produced and experienced.

Impact is created through a clear focus on outcomes, clear measurement, and an understanding that the desired change is human behaviour.

Who we're trying to shift

The below framework helps identify who Sticks & Stones primarily aims to engage, that is 'those whose are somewhat susceptible and willing to change their views and actions'.

Model demonstrating S&S's focus on those open to change

Figure demonstrating S&S's focus on those open to change.