The Problem

Poor mental health in refugee camps

Today, there are more than 65 million refugees and displaced people around the world. This number is expected to swell to 250 million by 2050. These are people displaced by conflict and violence, natural disasters and turmoil.

Those that find a place in refugee camps will, on average, experience years here before being accepted into a new community, usually on foreign soil. More than half of these millions will struggle with post traumatic stress and mental illnesses due to the stressors of violence, loss and uncertainty. 

The Project

Art therapy

Art therapy has been used for a decades in treating trauma in displacement camp populations across the world, and studies have found art therapy effective in reducing cortisol (stress hormone) by 75%. However, resourcing therapists for camps is expensive, time consuming and often geographically prohibitive.

Afterain is art therapy without the therapists.

It is a low cost, offline tool for mental health support, delivered through culturally sensitive guided exercises art games and exercises, and safe art supplies.

The Process

Pragmatic scaling

1 · Development

Deep research and design of the prototype for the Afterain kit.  Initial research was conducted with an international team of designers and entrepreneurs. The team will test art lessons and artistic games with local refugee support centres. Mental health evaluations will be conducted to validate the effects of the tool.

2 · Pilot

Production begins of kits and deployment in select camps across multiple regions. Similar to Phase One, mental health evaluations are included, as well as surveying to understand the uptake and engagement with the tool in displacement camp populations.

3 · Scaling

Afterain is deployed and scaled into additional regions. A continuous mental health evaluation process follows each deployment.

The Impact

Improved mental health 

Reduction in the prevalence and severity of poor mental health amongst refugees - particularly young refugees.

Visit the official Afterain website for more information or to get involved.