The Problem

Online violent extremism

The hyper-connected digital world provides an abundance of resources, however, it also brings with it a scalable platform for polarisation and extremism.

Tech Against Terrorism is a UN-mandated initiative that helps tech companies prevent their platforms from being exploited by terrorists, while also respecting human rights. They work with the global tech sector to share best practice (policy, guidelines, learning materials, practical workshops, and tools) within the tech industry and with governments.

Tech Against Terrorism works closely with the Global Internet Forum to Counter Terrorism, founded by Facebook, Google, Twitter, and Microsoft.

Tech Against Terrorism can point to myriad outputs including events, workshops, and digital platforms. However, what is far more challenging for both them and the organisations they work with is the outcomes and impact the outputs create.

How can we know if practices are working to prevent online extremism?

The Solution

Measurement frameworks

spur: was invited to present at Tech Against Terrorism's Asia Pacific Forum to government bodies and tech companies including Google, Twitter, and Facebook on impact measurement frameworks within preventative spaces.

Panel of experts

The Process

Impact first

Measuring prevention is always challenging, as how to do you measure something that never happened?

Over the past decade, spur: has developed the "Romeo Juliet" model of impact measurement, which lends itself particularly well to measuring outcomes within the preventative space.

It's an impact-first mapping technique that dissects contributing factors and an organisation's capacity to affect each factor. It additionally helps organisations more effectively understand other contributors who are tackling similar challenges, as well as how to more effectively capture and use data to measure progress.

The model can be nested within itself when complex hierarchies need to understood.

The Impact

An introduction to impact measurement

spur: is an impact-focussed organisation, and we always prefer work that has clear, distinct, and measurable outcomes and we relished the chance to introduce them to impact measurement concepts. We look forward to building greater impact measurement capability into the sector.