The Problem

Accessing and applying design thinking tools in the workplace

The Queensland Department of Transport and Main Roads (TMR) looks after a few million people spread over a land area seven times that of Japan. In an effort to modernise and move towards more effective problem solving and digital capability, TMR is in the midst of an uplift effort in the education of staff in new ways of thinking.  After all, to better help citizens, government needs to think like citizens and approach problems with new perspectives and tools.

How do you best spread these ideas and training among staff who have regular commitments to maintain? How do you make it fun, engaging, and educational?

The Solution

Design thinking training sessions

spur: was engaged to deliver a series of foundational training sessions for staff across design thinking and customer journey mapping.

The Process

Collaborative workshops

Intensive workshop · Design Thinking

This workshop introduced participants to design thinking frameworks and wider, interrelated frameworks such as systems thinking.

Intensive workshop · Customer Journey Mapping

This workshop introduced participants to customer journey mapping, including how to understand and map customer needs, problems and opportunities, as well as mapping the current and future state interactions.

The Impact

An introduction to impact measurement

spur: delivered workshops to more than 200 staff at TMR offices, with staff trained across Design Thinking and Customer Journey Mapping. We had a tonne of fun. And, happily, participants scored the sessions high across the board. We also provided a handy handbook to all that attended.

We were also pleased to see each participant earned a badge for their training on TMR's internal professional development systems. We want one, too!