Three categories

A brainstorming tool for when inspiration is low

Decorative only

Perhaps the simplest of all spur: tools, three categories is a straight forward exercise to expand possibility. It's a handy tool for brainstorming and to help imagination when creativity is running a little bit low.

The canvas is split into three columns, and you create three headings within a similar theme. For example, you might theme the canvas around money: "What could we do if we had x amount of money?" The first column might have a heading of $0, the second $10k, and the third $100M. The point of this canvas is to remove constraints of thinking, or to push the boundaries of scope. Another example might be you're exploring corporate wellbeing, the theme of the canvas might be "What would excellent mental wellbeing look like for x". The first column might be "individuals", the second "teams", and the third "organisation".

If the column headings are slightly absurd (e.g. $100M), that's perfectly fine—there will more than likely be insights and ideas that are transferrable.

Click here to download the A3 PDF canvas.