Wellbeing stats in the Australian workplace

The state of mental wellbeing in Australian workplaces

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This page contains a snapshot of the state of mental wellbeing in Australian workplaces.

Mental health in Australia

  • Mental health is the 3rd biggest health problem in Australia.<superscript>1<superscript>
  • Anxiety disorders affect 1 in 7 people, and affective disorders such as depression affect 1 in 16.<superscript>2<superscript>
  • 45% of Australians aged 16-85 will experience a mental disorder in their life.

Mental wellbeing in the workplace

  • 25% of all Australian workers take time off each year due to stress.
  • Half of all psychological injury claims arise from stress.
  • Australian businesses loss $6.5 billion every year by failing to implement adequate preventative wellbeing measures.<superscript>1<superscript>

The business case: productivity

  • There is a 500% return on productivity for every dollar spent on supporting mental health conditions in the workplace.<superscript>3<superscript>
  • This translates to a $2.50 return on every dollar invested.<superscript>4<superscript>

Workplace perceptions

  • 9 in 10 Australian workers believe having a mentally healthy workplace is important.
  • 75% believe workplaces should be providing support for mental health conditions.
  • Alarmingly, only 1 in 2 perceive their workplace to be mentally healthy.
  • The majority of management recognises that mentally healthy workplaces are important (89%) but only 56% of employees perceive that management recognised this.<superscript>4<superscript>


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