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The spur: Standard

A periodical of what we're up to, our thoughts on social change, and everything else.

Welcome to The spur: Standard, our monthly periodical where we share some of the happenings at spur: & spur:org.

For me, November always feels like a bit of a forgotten month. It seems to sneak up out of nowhere & causes me to remark on the fact that the year is almost over, with the same sort of surprise as you'd say 'ooph is that the time' after an unexpected late night. Although the speed at which we reach November always catches me unawares, it still also manages to put everyone in a state of limbo — caught between starting to wind down & celebrate the years end, but still trying to accomplish everything on an ever growing to do list.

Despite the mixed & unexpected states this month places us in, it also allows us to pause & take stock of all that’s been achieved over the year.

It is in the same vein that we are gearing up for the spur: smash – our annual campfire where we get together to look back at the year that's been & prepare for what's to come.

But before we dive into a well deserved rest (& celebratory) period, there is still a lot of exciting things to share since we last wrote to you.

In this issue is a new prototyping tool we’ve developed to help identify & solve complex social problems. We're also sharing work we've with our friends – MATES in Construction. You'll also find a delicious spur: cookbook recipe, commentary from Will on some new internal changes we’ve made & more.

- Trisha & the team at spur:

Feature image based on case study

Case study

Pivoting from brand strategy to full digital platform for mental health

MATES · Wellsaid

MATES needed a symposia brand strategy that would appeal to two very distinct audiences: mental health researchers and blue collar industries.

With the advent of COVID, the branding strategy expanded into the development of a full digital platform for industry mental health insights and knowledge.

After an extremely successful launch of the platform v1.0, MATES is already looking ahead to future capacity and developments. Stay tuned!

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Problem Six

Rapid problem identification and solution tool

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BDO New Zealand Values

Starting an exciting new project with BDO New Zealand to overhaul their company values through a co-design process that aims to include all staff across the country.

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Building a better business for people

At the end of a busy 2020, we sat down to think about how to improve the experience of people in our business. How could we change policies and processes to make business better for people?

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spur: cookbook

Garden Ratatouille

Tasty, comfort food full of nutrition.


Feda Adra

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Watch list

Some of the things we've been reading, watching, and listening to lately:

  • Book/audio book · Factfulness by Hans Rosling, Ola Rosling & Anna Rosling Ronnlund. An international bestseller by legendary statisticians . A book by the statisticians Hans, Ola and Anna Rosling that shows the power of facts through lively anecdotes and stories that will change the way you see the world and realise that things are better than you thought
  • Podcast · Ladies We Need To Talk, by Yumi Stynes which explores the often tricky topics some women avoid, with sensitivity through personal stories, smarts and humour.
  • Streaming TV · The School That Tried to End Racism, hosted by Marc Fennel. Explores a ground-breaking school program that is designed to provide a class of primary school students with the tools to identify racial bias and make positive change

November 12, 2021

spur: Dottür