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Phew, what a month January was!

While we are only just heading into the second month of 2022, the first four weeks have felt like a year's worth of activity and action . Over here at spur: we've been absolutely pedal to the metal. Since we last wrote we've been busy digging into some branding and strategy design for some friends of ours at the Social Research Centre, putting the finishing touches on a Theory of Change project, running a huge suite of values co-design workshops for some friends of ours across the ditch in New Zealand, and setting up our presence in Sydney... all whilst implementing one of our newest initiatives to come off the back of The spur: Smash – a four-day work week (as explored in Lee's article below)!

So while January seemed to flash by in a flurry of excitement, we're already ramping up another level for what will be a short,sweet, action-packed February.

We have big announcement coming to you from the start of the month (that we've been itching to share), the team will be reuniting once again in Brisbane for some much needed face to face time, and we'll be getting into some serious design for not only our clients, but for our own in-house projects as well.

So whilst we catch our breath, enjoy a peruse through this month's The spur: Standard.

Trisha & the team at spur:

Feature image based on case study

Case study

Bringing unity to a national organisation through shared values

BDO Australia · Values

How might an organisation comprised of state offices with long, independent histories, use values as a touchpoint to create a new, unified culture and way of working?

spur: worked with BDO to develop five key Values based on the common qualities throughout the organisation, including design of language, iconography, and recommendations on how to engender the right reactions and actions for employees.

Launched just prior to COVID-19, spur: was delighted to hear it was the 'best rollout of Values' one partner had ever seen, and that 'the Values got us through the pandemic'. The new BDO Values are now embedded nation-wide.

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Persona creation

Create nuanced archetypes through which to see the world

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Victorian LGBTIQ+ Leadership Program

Our Director, Lee Crockford, being accepted into the Victorian LGBTIQ+ Leadership program for 2022.

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Trialing a four-day work week

Our journey of designing and implementing a four-day working week.

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spur: cookbook

Rice and Stew (Beef Lentil and Chilli Stew)

Comfort food, winter warmer.


Trisha Rwagaju

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On our list this month of things we've been loving lately:

  • Podcast: Will was interviewed for the Optimale Health Podcast where he discussed the meanings and evolution of masculinity and mental health
  • Game: Wordle – yes, we are hooked too..
  • (cook)Book: Africoa: Slow food, Fast words, Cult Chef. After being gifted this beautiful book at Christmas and spending much of the Christmas holidays cooking up my mum's Nigerian stew, I've been loving exploring some new modernised Pan-African recipes from this book

February 3, 2022

spur: Dottür