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Facilitation doesn't need to be complex.

Sometimes, when tasked with putting together a new workshop, or facilitated exercise, it can be hard to know whether it will work—whether it will be successful.. We've always found it helpful to approach this strategically, and systematically, by breaking down the components of each activity or workshop.

Understanding all of these is crucial to engineering the best outcome and can mean the difference between a glowing result or the kind of workshop that people can't wait to run out of at the end.

This canvas explores a range of basic domains to consider. For those new to facilitation it may prove useful to map out each exercise in detail. For more experienced facilitators, returning to this tool is useful as a quick reference and quality check. 

The aim of the domains aren’t to simply be “answered” but to be a prompt and to refine ideas. 

Click here to download an A3-sized PDF of the canvas.

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