Foster care in Australia

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This is a snapshot of foster care in Queensland and Australia.

Kids in care · Nationally

Kids in care - Queensland

The typical foster child

Foster children and the general population

Statistics amongst foster children vs (General population):

(Anglicare Victoria - Children in Care Report)

The typical carer

Support for carers

Carer experience

Carers report many positive experiences including:

And some negative too through:

(Anglicare - Foster Care Research Report)

The primary reasons carers discontinue care:

(UQ Business School, Using market segmentation to gain insight into reasons for not foster caring)

What works for carer campaigns

Campaigns that are effective in increasing the number of foster carers have some defining characteristics:

(Journal of Advertising Research - Framing Advertisements to Elicit Positive Emotions and Attract Foster Carers; Child & Family Social Work - The Science of Attracting Foster Carers; Anglicare - Market Research Report)


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