This could be the start of a beautiful friendship.

A core belief of #OLDMATE is that the most powerful impact happens when people connect. So, we're always looking for new collaborations, partnerships, and licensees to help reduce social isolation around the world.

We’ve collaborated in different ways with the likes of Grill’d, goa, Vice Media, Random Hacks of Kindness, and more. These collaborations and licensing deals provide opportunities, activities, and new solutions for both old and young mates alike.

We also work with partners across the aged care sector to help connect the elderly in care to untapped youth volunteers, again via flexible licensing and collaboration agreements.

It's a ready-to-go brand and strategy! Interested in collaborating with us or licencing #OLDMATE? Get in touch

Still from #OLDMATE Queensland video.



Anglicare is one of Queensland's largest providers of aged-care support including residential facilities, though an ongoing challenge was recruiting younger volunteers to engage with Old Mates across their services.

By licensing #OLDMATE, Anglicare leveraged a strong brand with existing track record that resonated with a younger audience. Not only did they saved on marketing and development costs, #OLDMATE increased their volunteer applications by over 4,000%.

GOA Billboards

#OLDMATE partnered with GOA billboards to attract a new wave of pledgers and volunteers, by showcasing a range of Old Mates on dozens of digital billboards.

#OLDMATE feeds into GOA's mission of helping communities and supporting charitable endeavours, and helping to showcase the technological capabilities of their electronic billboards.

IPSOS Research

#OLDMATE is currently partnered with Steph Perry from Ipsos to research in the impact of COVID-19 on older Australians and, more importantly, to understand how Old Mates, Young Mates, and aged care providers have adapted to the new normal.

The research will help #OLDMATE to create more effective engagement and activities for volunteers.

The research will be publicly available in early August.