800,000 people suicide globally each year.

spur:org is a multi-award-winning, charitable  organisation that aims to make it an easier option for people to take positive action than to suicide.

We produce innovative programs and campaigns based on behaviour change and improved access to resources.

Through our commercial arm, spur:, we work with others to create a world that is fair, sustainable, and well.

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All around the world communities, individuals, organisations and projects are fighting for LGBTIQ+ equality and equity. These fights range from employment protection and adoption rights to  marriage equality and decriminalisation.

Underpinning each of these is a drive for LGBTIQ+ communities to lead lives that are fair, sustainable, and well. 123+ provides bespoke strategy and consulting to organisations, teams, governments, and individuals working towards this future.

We support and bolster their efforts through our expertise in behaviour change, impact measurement, organisational capacity, public engagement, fundraising, visibility, legislative change, and a range of other areas.

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Those aged 80+ suicide more than any other age group in Australia. Reasons for poor mental health amongst this demographic are complex, but social isolation is a key contributing factor.
#OLDMATE is campaign to encourage people to take the pledge of spending at least one hour per month with an 'Old Mate' to reduce social isolation.

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Mental health isn’t just a human problem, it’s a trillion dollar business problem. Poor mental wellbeing costs the global economy more than US$1T each year to lost productivity, absenteeism, workplace claims, staff turnover, and a range of other contributing factors.

Toucan is a digital platform that allows businesses, NGOs, governments, and teams to understand how their people are feeling at any moment in time.

Toucan is built on powerful machine learning that helps predict and track changes in team wellbeing, as well as providing personalised support to individuals’ needs. Toucan is the next evolution of spur:org project How is the world Feeling?

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Sticks & stones

Sticks & Stones uses a combination of storytelling and data to improve people’s understanding of the experiences, impacts, and origins of harmful content.

We fundamentally believe that everyone, to varying degrees, has experienced, produced, and witnessed harm in digital spaces.

With the understanding that a lot of harm is created unintentionally. Sticks & Stones’ approach is primarily to shift the actions of those more likely to change their behaviour if compellingly motivated to do so.

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There are more than 65 million refugees and displaced people around the world, many of whom experience significantly poor mental health.
Art therapy is an effective tool for treating trauma, but more scalable approaches are needed.

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How is the world feeling?

In order to improve the mental health of people around the world, we need to better understand how people are feeling in more nuanced ways

‍So, we decided to create the world's largest ever, real-time, open-source mental health survey to ask them. In October 2016, more than 1 people from 104 countries logged how they were feeling over seven days, creating the largest open-source database of emotions.

How is the World Feeling? has now been reimagined as Toucan—a tool for teams to understand wellbeing in real-time.

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Mental health is a significant problem in Australia, but moving people to take action (especially men) can be challenging. Providing engaging, subversive and novel ways for people to "practice" being vulnerable are needed. F.U.N brings mental health to the pub.

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Screenshot form Soften The Fck Up Campaign

Soften the Fck Up

Suicide is the leading cause of death of young men in Australia. Between stoicism, cultural norms, and a mental health sector that often fails to effectively engage young men, bold new approaches are needed. Soften the Fck Up is a purposefully-counter cultural approach to men's mental health.

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Mental health resource hub

We've compiled one of the the world's largest international repositories of mental health resources from around the world.

It is always recommended you consult your local GP before engaging any mental health service, and if you or someone else is in immediate danger, please call the emergency services in your local area.

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