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I have known Lee and Will for a number of years now. Initially through organising the IMPACT Social Enterprise conference. I've moved onto actually working with Lee through the 123+ project.

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This recipe was (and still is) a staple for quick and easy feed. It's my guilty pleasure for when I want some quick, easy, warm and homely.


· Shin Ramyun Packet
· Any vegetables you fancy - spinach, capsicum, carrots, celery, kimchi
· Protein - chicken or deep fried puffy tofu (from your local Asian store)
· 1 Egg


1. Cook the Shin Ramyun packet in a boiling pot.
2. Add your desired vegetables (add the ones that will boil the longest first)..
3. Add your protein (should be already cooked).
4. In a separate pot, poach your egg.
5. Serve!

Sean Tran

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Sean Tran


Sean is a law graduate who is deeply interested about social entrepreneurship and innovation. He is also a Project Associate for spur:org's 123+ project.

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