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Outdoor Friendly

Outdoor Friendly

Physically Stimulating

Physically Stimulating

Surfing and Body Boarding

With the sun in your face and salt on your skin, the ocean is invigorating and a great place to take your Old Mate. Depending on their physical capabilities, incorporating surfing or body boarding into the mix will take your day at the beach to a whole new level.

Body (or boogie) boarding is perfect for those Old Mates that are comfortable swimming in waves, but maybe don't quite have the physical capability of lifting themselves out of the water onto a surf board. Boogie boards can easily and cheaply be picked up from places like Kmart or Target, too.

If your Old Mate is physically capable, then surfing is the ultimate water sport. If they've never surfed before, then a few lessons at surf school are going to be a useful option.


· This activity is dependent on your Old Mate's physical abilities (especially their ability to swim).

· As a highly physical activity with a demonstrable level of potential injury, we recommend your Old Mate consult their GP before surfing or body boarding.


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