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Outdoor Friendly

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Physically Stimulating

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Low Cost or Free


Keeping fitness levels up can be challenging for some Old Mates as physical limitations like arthritis and other ailments set in.

Swimming is an awesome fitness option as it's super-low impact - which is great for the joints. Studies also suggest that it can help with heart health, osteoporosis, flexibility, muscle strength and mental health.

Even if your Old Mate isn't a confident swimmer, many local pools have either separate shallow pools or dedicated sections in the shallow end where your Old Mate can easily keep their head above water.

There are a heap of activities you and your Old Mate can undertake in the pool including traditional laps (like freestyle, breaststroke, etc.), aquacise, underwater running, treading water, or simply just mucking around. Most of these activities you can do by yourselves, but you can also consider taking classes, too.


· Your Old Mate should always consult their GP before undertaking any physical or strenuous activity.

· Water and slippery surfaces greatly increase the risk of your Old Mate having a fall. Make sure to take extra care of your Old Mate.

· Make sure you have a back up plan in the event an accident occurs.


· Google local aqua based classes in your area.

· Here are some easy aquatic therapy exercises by you and your Old Mate can try:

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