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A periodical of what we're up to, our thoughts on social change, and everything else.

One of my favourite travel memories is helping to prepare and eat a community dinner in the town of Hillerød, Denmark, during the inaugural UNLEASH Innovation Lab for the SDGS. For a few hours we forgot our projects and deadlines and ate with the town, sharing a vegetarian curry prepared by the Folk School, shared stories, and played soccer and ping pong.

It's always remarkable how quickly food brings people together. It's the glue of community. And, we've been thinking about food a lot. Even as far as starting our own spur: cookbook. Below you'll find a delicious Thai breakfast idea, from our friend Midnight, whom I met at a similar event to UNLEASH, and soon became a collaborator for our 123+ project.

After almost two years of distance, food has a great way of helping us feel like we're together. Even if we can't actually be in the same room. Sharing food helps us connect. Even if it's been a long time since we've seen each other.

The spur: Standard is another way we're connecting and reflecting. A lot's been happening, so each month we're sharing some of our favourites, from a new tool to use in solving complex social challenges to all the juicy details on how we tackled one of our own, as well as what we're up to, reading, and thinking about.

The spur: Standard is our monthly love letter and we invite you to follow along.

- Will, and the team at spur:

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Case study

Evaluating progress towards LGBTIQ+ outcomes in Victoria

Fairer Victoria · Approach to outcomes framework

The Victorian Government is responsible for a range of social outcomes for almost 7 million people, and wanted to understand and measure how its work impacts LGBTIQ+ communities across the state.

A strategic approach to LGBTIQ+ outcomes that builds on existing outcomes, data, and community voices.

Fairer Victoria is now implementing the recommendations into its strategic plan.

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Design Thinking

A methodology to create more impactful solutions

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Finalising a fundraising and engagement strategy for Australian LGBTIQ+ charity, GiveOUT.

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No pride in numbers

The Census is important for Australia's future. Yet, the 2021 edition neglected to include key LGBT+ identity questions. Olivia Roney argues we're all the worse for it.

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spur: cookbook

ไข่ลูกเขย · Son-in-Law Eggs

Comfort food


Midnight Poonkasetwattana

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Watch list

Some of things we've been reading, watching, and listening to lately:

  • Book / audiobook · No Filter, by Sarah Frier, the inside story of how Instagram came to be—and how it changed global society. This book takes you behind the scenes of one of the most influential apps ever, and examines how it has shaped (and warped) our modern lens on life.
  • Podcast · This Podcast Will Kill You, hosted by epidemiologists and ecologists Erin and Erin, explores weird medical mysteries, diseases, and more. Not necessarily great for lunch time listening.
  • Streaming TV · Ted Lasso. And we're not crying - you're crying.

And some good news

  • UNLEASH just announced the lab is returning for the first time since COVID began, in Bangalore next year.
  • GiveOUT Day, the annual event to improve funding opportunities for LGBTQI+ causes in Australia (and a long time friend and client of spur:) was this October and raised over $310,000.
  • The Daintree Rainforest, Ngalba Bulal (Cedar Bay), Kalkajaka (Black Mountain) and Hope Islands were handed back to the original indigenous custodians of the land the Kuku Yalnji people.

October 19, 2021

spur: Dottür