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Hello there,

In this issue of The spur: Standard we're excited to announce the expansion of  spur:org as Ravi Bodanam joins the 123+ team as Coalition Builder. Ravi will be working to expand 123+'s network of partners, experts, and ally communities as the project looks to further support LGBTIQ+ initiatives globally. Welcome Ravi!

As we've been wrapping up some client work for some friends in New Zealand, we've been getting stuck into our latest in house project Sticks & Stones — an initiative to help make the internet more human by reducing harmful content in digital spaces. In addition to finalising some beautiful branding from our mates over at DSR Branding, we've gotten stuck into looking to understand who we all are/ how we handle ourselves when we use online spaces. If you're keen to help us to do so check out this survey and sign up to our holding page for further updates, as we also get ready to launch Sticks & Stones into the social media-sphere!

Lastly check out our updates from our 4 day work week experiment in the latest journal article by Lee.

Until next time!

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Feature image based on case study

Case study

The world's largest real-time mental health survey

spur·org · How is the World Feeling?

Mental health is intensely personal. Various campaigns and programs attempt to nudge individuals towards seeking help, yet struggle to accomodate for the individual themselves. How do we better understand how who we are, affects how we feel?

spur: designed and launched a global initiative to track individual mental wellbeing through a custom smartphone app and public campaign, reaching more than 11,000 people across the globe with 1 million+ data points.

How is the World Feeling?'s data has been employed by the likes of Black Dog Institute and Beyondblue in mental health research and provided a model for targeted, demographic specific mental health programs.

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Three categories

A brainstorming tool for when inspiration is low

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Ravi Bodanam

Welcoming Ravi Bodanam to the team as 123+'s coalition builder.

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The outcomes of a four-day work week

We trialed a four-day work week and... we have thoughts.

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spur: cookbook

Lemony Lemon Slice

Comfort food


Amanda Clacy

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What we're enjoying/looking forward to

  • Bone - Yrsa Daley Ward - A book of poetry from the Jamaican-Nigerian poet Yrsa Daley-Ward
  • Love Story on Stan - you'll feel your feelings
  • The Cat Empire (Live from Melbourne 2021) - as they wind up their original line up with final shows at BluesFest
  • The Design Conference - Hosted at Brisbane Powerhouse in Meanjin in June

April 20, 2022

spur: Dottür