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Welcome to The spur: Standard #012!

Our November issue is finally here, loaded with in-depth case studies, a list of helpful tools and delicious recipe!

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Case study

An identity to last, for a generation of change

Giving new life to a once-in-a-generation study

An eleven year study that follows the lives of thousands of youth across the country needs a name and brand identity that can empower youth to partake. This identity has to adapt for change over time, and welcome in a vast range of personal identities and backgrounds.

In collaboration with Social Research Centre, and based on co-design with youth representatives, spur: crafted a new brand identity and name based on the concept of a Generation's needs and contribution.

The survey is now live with 70,000 students across the country participating to share their experiences for the coming decade.

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Good Work and its influence on returning to work after injury

What makes work 'Good Work'? And how does this help us return to the workforce?

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BDO New Zealand Values

Starting an exciting new project with BDO New Zealand to overhaul their company values through a co-design process that aims to include all staff across the country.

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Reply All? Include All.

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spur: cookbook

Brett's Soborodon

Homely and Comforting


Brett Scholz

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November 1, 2022

spur: Dottür