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Welcome to The spur: Standard #011!

Welcome to The spur: Standard #011!In this September issue, we have a lot of exciting news to catch you up on.

spur: kicked off spring with 2 new projects with MATES in Construction, led an engaging and exciting session at BDO New Zealand’s Leadership Group Conference 2022, and participated in the safeTALK workshop in suicide alertness by LivingWorks Australia.

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Case study

Bringing unity to a national organisation through shared values

BDO Australia · Values

How might an organisation comprised of state offices with long, independent histories, use values as a touchpoint to create a new, unified culture and way of working?

spur: worked with BDO to develop five key Values based on the common qualities throughout the organisation, including design of language, iconography, and recommendations on how to engender the right reactions and actions for employees.

Launched just prior to COVID-19, spur: was delighted to hear it was the 'best rollout of Values' one partner had ever seen, and that 'the Values got us through the pandemic'. The new BDO Values are now embedded nation-wide.

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Iceberg theory

Unpacking the elements needed for deep, long-term change

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BDO New Zealand Values

Starting an exciting new project with BDO New Zealand to overhaul their company values through a co-design process that aims to include all staff across the country.

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Three things the mental health space needs to do better

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Buriani Chicken

Hearty and delicious


Jenny McMahon

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BDO New Zealand: Leadership Group Conference 2022

Leadership Group Conference (LGC) is an internal conference for the leadership at BDO New Zealand to come together and talk about an array of strategic, industry, and internal processes for themselves and their clients.

As a part of the LGC, spur: was invited to present the new BDO New Zealand Values - a project that we have been working on for the last year with BDO. Over the course of 3 hours, spur: presented on the process in creating the new values. This included officially unveiling the values that had been designed with staffs across all levels of the business, a facilitated workshop where leaders could map out how they would take ownership and lead the values in their own roles.

There was also a highlight of a fire side chat between William Smith-Stubbs, spur:’s director and the Head of People & Culture from BDO Australia, Peter O’Sullivan as he shared BDO Australia’s experience of working with spur: to refresh their values in 2019.

safeTALK by LivingWorks

In September, spur: team had an opportunity to take part in the safeTALK training program. Suicide Alertness for Everyone by Living Works is much more than an four-hour class. It was a truly an open conversation about suicide, and by taking part in the training program we learned how important it is that everyone involved felt comfortable speaking openly and bringing up questions or concerns.

Powerful audio-visual and live practice was delivered during the course, enabling us to develop and practice hands-on skills to recognise signs of suicide, engage someone and ensure a connection to safety. Knowledge is power and it is never to late for all of us to make the world a better place!

October 5, 2022

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